Transition to Retirement

If you have reached your preservation age, you may be able to reduce your working hours without reducing your income. You can do this by topping up your part-time income with a regular ‘income stream’ from your super savings.

Until recently, you could only access your super once you turned 65 or retired. This meant it was difficult to reduce your work hours and still maintain your standard of living. With the new rules, you can withdraw some or all of your super over into a retirement income stream. Then you can top up your reduced income by drawing on your super.

You can take advantage of TTR if you’re 55 or over and convert some or all of your super into an income stream product. This popular strategy allows you to access your super without having to retire or leave your job.

Direct Super Solutions offers a range of helpful processes to assist you in planning for retirement, with some of the strategies being financially beneficial before you get there.

For more information please contact us via or by telephoning 0417 142 817 for assistance or to If you’re planning to leave your employer, you have the option of remaining a member of Direct Super Solutions, or transferring your super account to a new provider.