Corporate Superannuation

Direct Super Solutions offers employers advice and assistance in selecting, designing and delivering a corporate superannuation fund that meets both business and employee needs.

As an independently owned and operated company, we are not aligned to any specific product provider. Our focus is on providing reliable, informative advice to assist our corporate clients in choosing a plan that is legally compliant, in line with company objectives and likely to deliver maximum employee satisfaction.

We appreciate that every business is different and requires a tailored solution to satisfy their super needs. Through a combination of in depth research and analysis, we work with each client to find the right plan, and then support them in its implementation and ongoing maintenance to ensure maximum benefits for both the employer and employees.

Experience has shown that a good super fund adds value to an employee’s remuneration package. But how do you know if yours is a good super fund? At Direct Super Solutions we specialise in conducting intensive fund reviews to measure your current super plan with others in the industry.

We conduct an intensive review of your existing default arrangements, and then if required, we can conduct a tender to compare your plan’s performance with similar industry offerings and then recommend a solutions that would best suit your companies superannuation needs.

We use an independent research house to assess the thousands of product providers in the market place, which allows us to recommend the best fund for your company, while providing consistent, above-benchmark investment performance.

This process assesses fund design, fees and member servicing and is invaluable in ensuring that your super fund is the most appropriate for your Company and its employees.


If you would like to access this service, contact us via or by telephoning 0417 142 817 for more information.